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1. What is the nature of your online business? Can you provide an overview of the products or services you offer?

2. What specific digital marketing services are you in need of?

3. Do you currently have a website? If yes, could you share the URL? If not, are you interested in developing a new website or redesigning an existing one?

4. What are your primary objectives for your online business?

5. Are there any specific features or functionalities you would like to include on your website?

6. Do you have existing digital marketing assets such as social media accounts, email lists, or content materials? How actively are you utilizing them?

7. How do you envision your brand positioning and messaging? Do you have any existing brand guidelines or style preferences that should be considered?

8. Who is your target audience, and what do you know about their demographics, interests, and online behavior?

9. What is your budget and timeline for digital marketing initiatives, including website development or other services?

10. Additional comments or questions

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